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What does "From Inspiration to expression" mean?
This is an alternative approach to music lessons. Traditionally, a student is handed a book full of songs they likely don't feel connected to. Then pressured to practice with the focus of technical errors and perfection. Eventually this leads to frustration and burn out. By adulthood you forget everything and have no idea how to apply your musicality in a real life setting such as a jam with friends. The amount of people I know who have had this experience with music lessons is overwhelming. I believe that the truest and fullest experience of music begins with hearing something that you feel connected to which strikes inspiration. Expression is being able to experience that music on an even deeper level by playing it your own way. That is the magic of the art. 
My hope is for students to discover their voice and build confidence through music. I strive to provide a modern, fun environment that facilitates genuine inspiration and creativity. 




  • Voted "Abbotsford's favourite music teacher" by the Abbotsford news' "Abby A list"


  • Current student, working towards a Doctorate in Music Education 


  • Certification in Early Childhood Music

  • Has worked with over 100 students 

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  • Winner of the "Excellence by a female Artist" award at the 2022 Fraser Valley Music Awards

  • Represented BC in the 2020 International Blues Challenge


  • 2 years experience leading Worship Band


  • Featured on CIVL and NOW Radio

  • 5 years local performer 




Do you work with children who are neurodivergent? 

yes! Though I am not specially certified to work with children who are neurodivergent I have personally researched the approaches of music therapy. I have three years experience working with neurodivergent students and have found them to be some of my most creative, quickest learners. Parent participation is sometimes required. 

Is your home-studio wheelchair accessible? 

Unfortunately it isn't. I am so sorry there are two sets of stairs that would require major construction in order to make it wheelchair accessible.  

Can my child try different instruments? 

Absolutely! In fact I recommend this and have many unique instruments they can try for fun. You can begin lessons with out choosing an instrument or I often give children a 5 minute free time at the end to try a different instrument. 

Do you ever travel to the client's home? 

No I do not, I only teach from my home-studio. 

What instrument is best to start with?

Whichever instrument the student is excited and curious about! 


For siblings waiting their turn, early drop off or late pick up

*availability depends on lesson time. 


Meet Francesca

Francesca is a high school student at Yale Secondary. She is a responsible and caring childcare provider with a passion for creating a safe and enjoyable environment for children. She also enjoys music and has played piano for many years.

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